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Judo Canada - Tel Aviv Grand Prix

Canadian Judokas Eliminated in First and Second Rounds


Montreal, January 26, 2019 – For the third and last day of the Tel Aviv Grand Prix, in Israel, Louis Krieber-GagnonMohab El Nahas and Marc Deschênes were all eliminated in the second round, and Shady El Nahas after his first fight.

Louis Krieber-Gagnon had a good first fight in -90 kg, in which he won by ippon against Israeli Itay Golan. In the next round, he was up against Ukrainian Quedjau Nhabali, ranked 26th in the world. He pushed his opponent to the limits, but at the end of regulation time, he was defeated by waza-ari.

Fighting in the same category, Mohab El Nahas also started strong by winning his first bout by ippon against Brazilian Gustavo Assis. The Ontarian was then eliminated in the second round by Azerbaijani Mammadali Mehdiyev.

His brother Shady El Nahas was taken by surprise early during his fight against Chilean Thomas Briceno, who won by ippon in -100 kg.

 “Despite the positive draw, Shady was unable to go past the first round. Considering his recent international performances this came as a surprise to the team and, obviously, a big disappointment to him,” commented national coach Michel Almeida.

In the +100 kg category, Quebecois Marc Deschênes also won his first fight against Israeli Naor Itah by ippon. Like his teammates Louis Krieber-Gagnon and Mohab El Nahas, he was the eliminated in the second round, by Uzbek Bekmurod Oltiboev.

 “Except Shady, the remainder of the team made better performances and successfully fought their first rounds, but were unable to surpass the better ranked opponents, all of them in the top 26 of the world ranking, that they have met in the following round,” said Michel Almeida.

Regardless of the final result it is worth making a positive remark on the way Mohab El Nahas, Louis Krieber-Gagnon and Marc Deschênes have fought their fights,” added the coach.



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