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Judo Canada – Grand Prix and Open

Medals and Learning Experiences for the Canadians


Montreal, November 18, 2018 – The Canadian team had a two-part day on Sunday. Three medals were won at the Oceania Open in Perth, while both judokas fighting at The Hague Grand Prix were eliminated quickly, but gained experience.

At the Grand Prix, in the Netherlands, the Burts, from Oshawa, didn’t get a ranking after being eliminated in the first round by judokas who went on to win the bronze medal in their respective categories.

Netherlander Jesper Smink eliminated Zachary Burt (-90 kg) by waza-ari. “It was a long and close fight. He had opportunities to score, but he made a mistake. After Worlds, we reviewed his training and made a few changes. I think he’s going up, and I’m hoping he’ll keep going this way, like he’s been doing since last Worlds. His performances and results should improve,” explained his coach, Michel Almeida.

Emily Burt (-70 kg) was eliminated by ippon by German Miriam Butkereit on Saturday. She’ll have another chance to perform next week at the Osaka Grand Slam, in Japan.

“She didn’t look like she has adapted to the category, even though she made the switch in February. Emily still fight like when she was a tall athlete fighting smaller girls in -63 kg. Butkereit was a lot taller. Emily hasn’t figured out yet how to fight her new opponents, and she’ll have to figure it out quickly,” said Almeida.

Côté, Marineau and Deschênes on the Podium in Australia

At the same time, at the Oceania Open in Perth, in Australia, Maxim Côté (-90 kg) won the gold medal, and Alex Marineau (-81 kg) and Marc Deschênes (+100 kg) both won the bronze.

Côté, from Sept-Îles, first won his bout in the preliminaries, then won two more times by ippon in the semi-finale, against Australian Harrison Cassar, and in the finale, against Neo Zealander Matthew Rowley.

For his part, Marineau, from Montreal, won his spot on the podium after his victory by ippon against Neo Zealander Vinay Reddy. He lost in the semi-finale against Australian Eoin Coughlan, who then won the silver medal. Marineau also scored 2 victories in the preliminary rounds.

Deschênes, from Laval, won by ippon after only 34 seconds against the local favourite, Micheal Heimdall. Earlier in the day, he lost a bout in the preliminaries, and won in repechage.

Also in action on the mats, Michael Guerault (-100 kg) ended in 5th place. Fijian Tevita Takayawa defeated him to win the bronze medal.

Neyolov Seventh in Senegal

Danil Neyolov (-81 kg) was in 7th place at the African Judo Open in Dakar, in Senegal. His day ended when he was defeated by ippon in repechage by Gabonese Terence Kouamba. In the preliminaries, the Canadian won against Nigerian Idrissa Hassane, before being defeated by Slovenian Matej Vidmar. Kouamba and Vidmar won the bronze medals.


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