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Judo Canada – Kata World Championships

Shane Rooney and Davin Marion Close to the Podium at Kata World Championships

Montreal, October 3, 2016 Seven pairs of Canadian kata competitors took part in the 2016 Kata World Championships in Malta. As in 2015, our judoka return home with one fifth place. This year, however, it was the team made up of Shane Rooney and Davin Marion who placed in Katame No Kata.  

The second Canadian team competing in the same event, Kelly Palmer and Gord Okamura, who placed fifth last year, narrowly missed the top-six finals this time around, placing fourth in their preliminary group.

Martin Vallières and Patrick Roff placed sixth in the Kime No Kata preliminary group. Meanwhile, Edward Zupancic and Mohammad Hassaini came in eighth in their Ju No Kata preliminary group.

In Nage No Kata, Maria Janczuk and Richard Gadoury finished eighth and Erin Reim and Dmytro Samoilenko came in ninth in their respective preliminary groups.

Finally, in Goshin Jutsu, James Martin and Ronald James Cook finished the preliminary round in ninth place.


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