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Judo Canada – Lisbon and Glasgow European Opens

Two Bronze Medals for Canada

Montréal, October 10, 2015 – Canada posted an excellent performance at this Saturday’s two European Opens: the women’s, in Lisbon, Portugal, and the men’s, in Glasgow, Scotland. Catherine Roberge climbed onto the third step of the podium in the Under 78kg, as did Sergio Pessoa in the men’s Under 60kg.

Catherine Roberge had a good tournament experience at the Women’s European Open. In the preliminary round match, the 33-year-old Beauport native took three penalties and still beat France’s Géraldine Mentouopou, ranked 58th in the world. Roberge, 32nd, got in a yuko, while the French athlete, with one penalty to her name, didn’t manage to score any points.

In her second match, against Spain’s Sara Rodriguez, no points were scored by either athlete. “I led the whole time, but I didn’t manage to score,” explained Roberge. “She was very dynamic, but I got her to take penalties and that’s how I managed to win.”

The Québécoise ended up losing the semi-final to Russian Alena Kachorovskaya, 42nd in the world, who scored a yuko and was penalized twice, whereas Roberge scored no points and received two penalties.

“It was kind of weird, to be honest,” said Catherine Roberge, disappointed with how the competition turned out. “In a counterattack, she had me on my back, but they gave me the point and then decided to give it to her instead. I lost, even though I was leading a good match. It’s my fault too, because I wasn’t on the attack enough and didn’t create enough opportunities. It could have been more decisive.”

In the fight for the bronze, Roberge was up against another athlete from France, Christelle Garry, 45th in the world. “She was very strategic and she was set to making me look bad,” said the Canadian judoka. “I knew that she was tired after three minutes. I was lagging behind by two penalties, but in the last minute, I got her to take two of her own, and got a waza-ari in to win the fight.”

This was Roberge’s first competition since the summer’s PanAms, and she wasn’t able to attain the objective she had set herself: to win the gold. “I have to learn from my mistakes. If the mistake I made today can teach me not to repeat it next time, I’m not going to turn up my nose on it. It was a good tournament and I’m warming back up. The bronze made me really happy, and boosted my confidence.” She will be hitting the mat again next weekend, at the Paris Grand Slam.

Pessoa Is Satisfied

In the men’s European Open, in Glasgow, Scotland, Sergio Pessoa took a bye from the Under 60kg opening round and easily won his first bout, against Belgian Gert Maes. The 27-year-old, ranked 85th in the world, took a penalty in the match, but scored an ippon, a waza-ari and a yuko. His opponent, with no points to his name, didn’t stand a chance.

In his second match, the Sao Paulo-born Canadian once again beat French Vincent Manquest, 146th. Pessoa took three penalties and scored a waza-ari, while Manquest scored a yuko and was penalized once.

But the tide turned in the semi-final, when Pessoa succumbed to Dutch Jeroen Mooren, 35th in the world. The Quebec athlete took a penalty during the match, which Mooren brought to an end with an ippon.

His last match brought him the bronze medal. Up against Slovenia Matjaz Trbovc, 44th, Pessoa took a penalty, but went on to score an ippon.

“It wasn’t a bad day,” said Pessoa. “I fought well, except for the mistake I made in the semi-final against the Dutch. I tried to counter-attack, but he followed with another technique and threw me. But I feel better and better, and little by little, my judo is coming back to me. I hope I do better in Paris next weekend.” He got back on the competition circuit at this year’s PanAms, after physical injuries kept him away from the tatami for almost two years.

Sept-Îles native Étienne Briand, 37th, was also competing, but was eliminated in the Under 73kg opening round. The 22-year-old, with a penalty to his name, lost by ippon to France’s Arthur Clerget, 225th.


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